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Email promotion is a great way to keep in touch with your beloved customers and to generate new sales leads. It is also a good cost effective method comparing to the traditional ones and it can deliver great results if it is done in a right way.

We offer various services in the digital marketing area. We can help to define a strategy, a delivery plan, and then analyse the result to make sure your campaign is delivered to the right audience. We use market-leading EDM application which allows us to take care of all possible measurement that you wish to know: open & click through rate, bounce rate etc. With these useful information we can consolidate all the information and then advise on how to improve it so that your customers can have a better web journey with your service.

What we can help in your e-marketing strategy:
  • we can help to design eye-catching email for you
  • we can help you to dispatch it to your customers
  • we can help to keep track your email’s delivery status
  • we analyse the result and help you to refine your strategy
Audience Price Limitation

Below 5,000


3 times / mo

5,000 - 9,999


3 times / mo

10,000 - 19,999


3 times / mo

20,000 - 29,999


3 times / mo

30,000 - 49,999


3 times / mo

50,000 - 69,999


3 times / mo

70,000 - 99,999


3 times / mo

100,000 or up

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3 times / mo

We also provide creative EDM template design, give us a shout today. It’s time to boost your business.