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Traditional shops are losing their market share to online stores. Operate 24/7, less rental expenses, no district limitation etc are the great advantages comparing to the tradition ones.

Why do I need an e-shop when I can use services like Taobao or eBay?

There are several reasons for this, one of the most important points is to give your customers a good & serious image about your business. Furthermore, using custom-built online stores can give you flexible options and controls over the sales and marketing process, like creating coupons or having a rebate campaign, as well as creating targeted campaign on different groups of user who share the same consuming habits.

By the way, adopting custom solution also allows you to use different online payment method such as VISA / PayPal etc, also flexible payment style like cash on delivery (COD). Together with the unique design we can offer, you can potentially expand your customer base as well as your branding effect on web in a rapid way.

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